How to Plan a Harry Potter Wedding

Andrew and I were deeply and irrevocably committed from our first meeting—to our deep and abiding love for Harry Potter that is.
I knew with a kitschy wedding theme that I would have to tread carefully. I wanted my wedding to be fun, and have our personalities stamped front and center—yet not have the theme take away from the point of the day. We were there, for the most part, for a wedding. In the ceremony itself, the only aspect of HP that I implemented was our recessional song as we walked out of the church. As the instrumental song Hedwig’s Theme soared from the speakers, I heard appreciative chuckles from the audience. But ultimately, I did it for me. I would strongly recommend NOT allowing any part of the fandom into your ceremony/reception that you aren’t in love with. If you are only implementing a prop/song/food into your big day for the sake of fandom purity—please give yourself a break. The day is not meant to celebrate Harry Potter or Dr. Who or Star Wars. It is to celebrate you, so pick what you want.

The Reception

The entire dinner (an hour) was all instrumental music from the soundtracks to the many Harry Potter movies. My fiancé, sister, and I listened to all 7 soundtracks and picked our favorite songs by hand. That is dedication. Afterwards, it was music to make people dance.
Candy Bar/Punch Table
Our candy bar was inspired by Honeydukes, a candy shop in the Harry Potter books. We had golden snitches by adding wings to Ferrero Rocher chocolate covered hazelnuts. We had Twizzlers that were licorice wands. There was Double Bubble that played as Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum. My mother and I spent weeks amassing 170 chocolate frogs that we made by melting chocolate and letting it cool in plastic frog molds.
I had over 3 pounds of assorted jelly beans that I titled Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans- but not the kind with actual bad flavors. Having eaten a vomit flavored bean myself, I had vowed to never again pay for candy that tastes like terrible, terrible things. I bought saltwater taffy and labeled it as Ton Tongue Toffee.  There was Lemon Heads labeled as Lemon Drops (Dumbledore’s favorite). I bought my candy in bulk from Sam’s Club because it was cheaper than buying small bags.
We also created a large container of Butterbeer in a punch bowl. It consisted of A&W cream soda, butterscotch flavored coffee syrup, and whipped cream. There were a lot of antique bottles sitting around it, to look like a potion room. I bought the unique bottles from Joanne’s Fabric and Hobby Lobby, as well as interesting finds around my house.
Tip: Buy extra of everything. I ran out of candy way too fast- I should have bought a ton more!
Here are some of the recipes/ideas that I used:

Recipes from a Harry Potter Themed Bridal Shower Post

Recipes from a Harry Potter Themed Bridal                                        Shower Post

How to Make Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs

How to Make Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs



Cake Table

We hung mail addressed to Harry (like the letter from Hogwarts that came shooting out of the fireplace) on fishing line that hung (as if by magic) above my cupcake stand. We also used antique keys, as a nod to the flying keys that were in the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Entrance Table and Other Decorations

I had four large cylindrical vases that held plastic gems stationed in front of posters of the four Hogwarts houses to compete for the House Cup. It looked cool, but I had originally bought everything so that the wedding guests could sort themselves into houses and we’d see if there were more Griffyndors or Hufflepuffs in attendance. I forgot to print off the quizzes though, so it was not as exciting as it might have been. My sister-in-law also made a table runner out of old pages of Harry Potter books. It looked great and we used it for multiple events! I also created a Mirror of Erised with cardboard and hot glue, which was so much fun.
Tip: Print out any activities (quizzes/coloring pages) days in advance. I waited until the last minute, and ultimately didn’t have time to incorporate them.
Tutorial here

Guest Book

I used a beautiful blank journal with antiqued pages as my guest book. Not only was it drastically cheaper because it didn’t have the word “wedding” in the title—it is also a unique and pretty book with clasps that looks nice on display and reminded me of something Hermione might use.
Tip: The guest book is now sitting on my mantle, and I am SO glad I chose a beautiful book for this piece!


The DJ I booked was great with playing the music I wanted. They brought uplighting, and used red, green, blue, and yellow-the house colors-against the wall where we were sitting. I thought that was really neat that they were trying to help us achieve our theme.
Tip: Let the DJ know your vision for the event, and they will help you accomplish it.

Card box

Instead of a box to put wedding cards, I bought an antiqued wooden chest from Hobby Lobby. It looked perfect! And is something I will use to decorate my home for many years.
Tip: Use something that you will be able to incorporate into your home!
My most important wedding planning tip is to let your personalities show and have fun with it.
Written By: LeAnn Long, Erlanger Teen Librarian who is Harry Potter Obsessed and recently married.