clocktowerWest End Facts
1820 – Plat of the City of Hibernia created (never built)
1825 – Development of the west end begins
1835 – Western Baptist Theological Institute Purchases land in the west end
1843 – Linden Grove Cemetery established
1977-1978 – Main Strasse Village Constructed
Overview History
Map 1884
Linden Grove Cemetery Photos
Churches and Schools
Covington High School
Grace United Church of Christ (Grace Reformed Church)
Immanuel Methodist Church
John G. Carlisle School
Saint Aloysius Church and School
Saint Patrick Church and School
Saint Paul United Church of Christ (St. Paul German Evangelical)
Second District School
Southside Baptist
Third District School
Western Baptist Theological Institute
Keefer Flourmill Fire 1885
World War I
Goebel Park
Sixth Street Market House
German Pioneer Society
Craig Street Burial Ground
Family Theater
Garden of Hope
Heidelburg Brewery
Hotels in the West End
Linden Grove Cemetery
Main Strasse Village
Main Street Ferry
Sanford House
Western German Savings Bank